Education and Training

Sauve qui peut le court métrage are involved in many educational activities. These activities are either directly linked to the Festival or are managed separately by members of our organisational team.

During the Festival, a special programme for schools is constituted in collaboration with the local educational authorities. This programme is shown every morning at the Festival. Schools have to book before the Festival the number of seats they require and the day they wish to attend. In some of the schools, classes study the scripts of films shown in this programme prior to the Festival. The scripts and tuition material are made available on-line for this purpose. During the event, the directors of these films meet the students who have worked on their scripts in the schools.

Students from cinema and audio-visual studies classes from all over France also attend the Festival. They have delegate passes and take the opportunity of the Festival to meet and work along with the attending professionals by making, for instance, group video subjects on and around the Festival. 460 students (+41 from the UK) have thus come to the festival from 13 different schools and 9 further education institutions) in 2000.

Sauve qui peut le court métrage have recently completed a pedagogic CD-Rom in partnership with the Regional Centre for Pedagogic Documentation. Through a close presentation of "Les Pinces à linges", a short film by Joël Brisse, it offers a detailed approach to film analysis. It was made with the assistance of teachers and of professionals.

Lycéens au cinéma

Is a project that issued from a convention betweeen the CNC and the Regional Council. It is co-ordinated by Sauve Qui Peut le Court Métrage. It addresses students who are in all sorts of Lycée (public, private, general, technical, professional, agricultural). These students and their teachers are offered the opportunity of viewing feature films that have been selected for educational purposes in a theatre.

Free pedagogic brochures are handed to both teachers and students. The films selected for this year are The Party, by Blake Edwards, Ressources Humaines, by Laurent Cantet, Festen, by Thomas Winterberg, as well as a programme of 6 short films (all films are shown in original version, with French subtitles when appropriate). Cinema training sessions and meeting with professionals are also offered to the participants whenever possible.

Sauve Qui Peut le court Métrage works in partnership with the three schools that offer cinema/audio-visual related courses in the region. In this respect, it frequently offers films, documentation and various training-related services related to these establishments.

Other activities with schools that are co-ordinated by members of our team include "Collège au cinéma" (addressed to pupils aged 10-15, funded by the County Council); "Ciné en Herbe" (a Festival of films selected at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival by students from cinema classes, where all the directors are invited. The students comment and discuss the films in presence of their directors, then the students show their own video works to the directors who in their turn comment and discuss the work of the students with them).

Un été au Ciné/Cinéville

Members of our organisation are also in charge of the regional co-ordination of "Un été au Ciné/Cinéville" a national scheme launched by the CNC and designed for young people during the summer, offering them various activities around cinema : workshops (fiction, documentary, animation, journalism); open air screenings; sneak previews with directors and comedians; distribution of special price cinema vouchers to the under 25's in cities or towns taking part to this operation. In 1999 ten cities/towns in the area participated to this initiative.

Since "Un été au Ciné" has been launched in 1991, over 20,000 people have attended the various screenings, some 1 300 young people have taken part to workshops and 83 short films have been made (these figures do not include the last editions of "Un éte au ciné", which took place during the summer of 2000 and 2001).

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