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Short film night in Berlin

Saturday 3rd December at 8 pm.




On the initiative of the French Institute and UniFrance, a night of short films from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec is organized as part of the French film week in Berlin.


Booking by mail : reservation@centre-franç 

Or by telephone : 030 459 793 53


Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Anthony Vouardoux / Germany, Switzerland/ 2010/ Fiction/ 14'30/ 35 mm

  Prix des Médiathèques (CVS) (2011)

After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha 46, cosmonaut Yuri Lennon will be confronted with an extraordinary paradox.


Kwa heri Mandima

Robert-Jan Lacombe / Switzerland/ 2010/ Documentary/ 10'30/ Digital Betacam

Childhood pictures, the departure from Zaire when I was 10, my friends Watumu, Angi and Amosi, the big shift from one culture to another, identity, memories and footage...

Critique de Format Court


Antoine Giorgini / France, Belgium/ 2015/ Fiction/ 18'48/ DCP

  Mention du Jury Presse (2016) ,   Prix de l'ACSE (Agence Nationale pour la cohésion sociale et l'égalité des chanc (2016) - Prix Égalité et Diversité. ,   Prix ADAMI d'Interprétation (2016) - Meilleur comédien pour Eddy Suiveng.

Today, Tony is supposed to audition for drama school. But Steven, his best friend and reading partner, doesn't show up. After having failed to find another volunteer Tony gives up, determined never to speak to the traitor again.

Interview avec le réalisateur [FR]
Interview with the director [EN]

Le Repas dominical

Céline Devaux / France/ 2015/ Animation/ 13'47/ DCP

  Prix du Meilleur Film d'Animation francophone SACD (2016) ,   Prix Spécial du Jury (2016)

It’s Sunday. At lunch, Jean observes his family. They ask him questions, but don't listen to his answers; they give him advice but don't follow it themselves; they fawn over him and smack him, but that's normal, it's Sunday lunch.

Interview avec la réalisatrice [FR]
Interview with the director [EN]
Making of [reportage Arte]

Alice et moi

Micha Wald / Belgium/ 2004/ Fiction/ 19'00/ 35 mm

  Prix du Rire Fernand Raynaud (2005) ,   Prix du Public (2005)

Simon has to drive his old aunt Mala and two of her friends, Lydia and Colette, to the seaside. While driving, he argues with his girlfriend Alice over the phone. The three women slowly but surely interfere. This, of course does not solve anything...

Le Nom que tu portes

Hervé Demers / Canada, Quebec/ 2015/ Fiction/ 14'50/ DCP

When Vlace is suspended for hitting a classmate, Sasha is called to come get his son at school and has no choice but to take him along on his delivery route. During this intimate journey, we discover what provoked Vlace’s uncharacteristic act, as father and son find...

Kacey Mottet Klein, naissance d'un acteur

Ursula Meier / Switzerland/ 2015/ Documentary/ 14'00/ DCP

A young boy grows up and develops, testing his limits and discovering his darker hidden parts.

Affiche du film
Dossier de presse (presskit)
Photos du film
Bande annonce

Next Floor

Denis Villeneuve / Canada, Quebec/ 2008/ Fiction/ 11'30/ 35 mm

During an opulent and luxurious banquet, served by hordes of servants and valets, eleven pampered guests participate in what appears to be a ritualistic gastronomic carnage.

Site officiel
Bande annonce
Interview du réalisateur sur ses longs métrages

Einspruch III

Rolando Colla / Switzerland/ 2002/ Fiction/ 09'00/ 35 mm

  Prix Canal + (2003)

An Algerian is caught by the Swiss border police when trying to enter Switzerland with a group of refugees. He is sent back to Germany forgetting his artificial leg in Switzerland, which makes the Swiss police somewhat nervous.


Vladilen Vierny / France, Belgium/ 2015/ Fiction/ 11'00/ DCP

A young food delivery man comes face to face with the lives of the elderly.

Vos violences

Antoine Raimbault / France/ 2013/ Fiction/ 18'30/

  Prix ADAMI d'Interprétation (2014) - Meilleure Comédienne : Nina Mélo

A father and daughter are the victims of a brutal assault. Lawyer by profession, the father finds himself for the first time in his life at the heart of judicial proceedings as the victim. A suspect is quickly arrested, and needs to be identified. But the father saw...

Macadam Peau Rouge

Arnaud Malherbe / France, Canada, Québec / 2008 / Fiction / Digital Betacam - 16/9 / Stéréo / 13'

Les clients d’un petit dîner de Québec sont perturbés par l’arrivée et les exigences d’un messager pour le moins coloré.


Courber l'échine

Kadija Ben-Fradj / Switzerland/ 2015/ Fiction/ 15'00/ DCP

Chaima, a 25-year-old woman, lives with her parents in a French neighborhood near Geneva. It's her day off. She pretends to go to work.

Perrault, La Fontaine, Mon Cul !

Hugo P. Thomas , Ludovic Boukherma , Zoran Boukherma / France/ 2014/ Fiction/ 18'37/ DCP

  Prix ADAMI d'Interprétation (2015) - Daniel Vannet ,   Prix Etudiant de la Jeunesse (2015)

Willy Pruvost, an illiterate father, tries to learn how to read in the hope of keeping custody of his son.

Interview vidéo des réalisateurs (FR)

Dernière Porte au Sud

Sacha Feiner / Belgium, France/ 2015/ Animation/ 14'20/ DCP

  Prix du Meilleur Film d'Animation (2016)

"The world is made of floors with several rooms and connected by stairways." Such seems the world for a child and his conjoined head, walled in by their mother in the family mansion since their birth. Until one day, they see an unfamiliar streak of light and decide to...

Making Of (English subtitles) [Vidéo]
Interview de Sacha Feiner [Vidéo]


André Turpin , Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette / Canada, Quebec/ 2014/ Fiction/ 10'16/ DCP

An employee working in a center for disabled people has to question his principles when faced with a specific task.

Deep Space

Bruno Tondeur / Belgium/ 2014/ Animation/ 07'06/ DCP

  Prix du Meilleur Film d'Animation francophone SACD (2015)

Brandon is given his first intergalactic mission: finding a new intelligent species. For months he will live a strange experience on a planet with surprising customs. Mentally and physically, the astronaut will have to resist with all his heart.

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