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Subscribing to your Pro Services account will give you access to the Short Film Market video library and its 9-month online extension.

Prepare your trip and access precious information all-year-round:

You have priority access, as early as January, to the complete list of credits and contact details for all the films in the official selection and all the recent films entered and referenced in the Short Film Market catalogue.
You can use extra search criteria to narrow down your searches (acquired music rights, original score, first film…).
You can save your line-up of films and send it to other industry delegates of your choice.
You can save play lists of films you want to watch (and play them instantly when logging in to your session at the Short Film Market video library).
You can access anytime the enriched version of the archive database of all previous festival and market editions (with information on films and contact details for production and sales) via the quick/advanced search options.
You can access the contact details and company/acquisition profiles of accredited industry delegates.
You can easily save your contacts in personal directories and send direct messages to them.

During your visit to the Short Film Market:

Your subscription to your Pro Services account grants you access to the Short Film Market video library and its nine-month online extension.
Please note: access to the online extension is strictly reserved for attending industry delegates who viewed at least one film at Short Film Market video library.
If you are listed as Contact or Sales for one or more film(s) entered at the Short Film Market, you can check viewing history in "My Films at the Market" to know who watched your film(s).

Attention :
Pro Services account holders MUST fill out their accreditation form when planning to attend the Short Film Market.

You can find your invoice and the numbers of days during which your subscription will run from the menu "My Account" (see image above).

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Short Film Market 2014:

3,500 industry delegates, 37 exhibiting countries
287 film & media organisations, 534 producers, 48 TV buyers,
95 distributors, 108 theatre exhibitors, 492 festival curators.

3,922 films viewed by 343 delegates at the Market 2014 video library.
5,200 films viewed by 292 delegates via the online video library 2013.

Short Film Market 2015:

Video Library: from saturday January 31 to thursday February 5 from 9.00am to 9.00pm, Friday February 6 from 9.00am to 2.00pm
Exhibition hall: from monday February 2 to thursday February 5 from 9.00am to 7.00pm, Friday February 6 from 9.00am to 2.00pm

Short Film Market co-ordinators:

Anne Parent : 
(booking & enquiring)
Roger Gonin : 

(video Library)
Laurent Crouzeix : l.crouzeix(at) 

(video Library)

The Short Film Market is organised by:
Sauve Qui Peut le Court Métrage
La Jetée
6 Place Michel-de-l'Hospital
63058 Clermont-Ferrand cedex 1

Phone: (33) 473 91 65 73
Fax: (33) 473 92 11 93

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