Yugong Yishan

Joanna Vasquez Arong / China, Thailand, Philippines/ 2009/ Documentary/ 29'30/ Beta Digital

Yugong Yishan is the name of a small bar, owned by a Chinese musician, Gouzi. The place has already been marked out for demolition to make way for more commercial ventures. Gouzi’s vision is to create a thriving independent music scene in Beijing.

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See Tiger Together

Xiaorao Zhou / China/ 2013/ Fiction/ 29'53/ .MOV (Quicktime)

Tanya, a Russian dancer new to China, meets Youzi, a Chinese boy who isn't a local either. Even though they speak different languages, they both find comfort in each other.

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Wen Muye / China/ 2014/ Fiction/ 11'16/ AppleProRes422 HQ/LT

Adili, a young Uygur man, works in Beijing as a waiter and is confronted with the religious convictions of his father.

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Jie Ding / China/ 2013/ Fiction/ 22'34/ .MOV (Quicktime)

A film crew comes to a remote town in China to shoot a costume drama. Xu, a local high school kid who skips class every day, gets a chance to act in the film. He is attracted by a young actress and he privately calls her Katyusha. He tries to get close to her,...

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The True Story of Ah Poon

Ho Tat Tsim / China, Hong Kong/ 2010/ Fiction/ 31'33/ Digital Betacam

Ah Poon always stands firm in his beliefs. His motto is “Proud to be the enemy of injustice; yet humble in the face of children”, in the words of Lu Xun. His daughter has been unfairly treated at school because of one of her compositions. Angry, he threatens to...

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