Films directed in Auvergne

Several directors choosed Auvergne.

The Dancer

Long Métrage / Stéphanie Di Guisto / Les Films du Trésor / 2016

Soko, Lili-Rose Deep, Mélanie Thierry, Gaspard Ulliel, François Damiens

Loïe Fuller was the toast of the Folies Bergères at the turn of the 20th century and an inspiration for Toulouse-Lautrec and the Lumière Brothers. The film revolves around her complicated relationship with protégé and rival Isadora Duncan.

Cézanne and I

Long Métrage / Danièle Thomson / G.Films / 2016

with Guillaune Canet, Guillaune Gallienne, Alice Pol, Deborah François, Sabine A

They loved each other with the ardor of thirteen-year-old boys. Rebellion and curiosity, hopes and doubts, girls and dreams of glory – they shared it all. Paul was rich, Emile poor. They left Aix-en-Provence for Paris and quickly became part of the art scene in Montmartre and Batignolles. They hung out in the same places, slept with the same women. They spat on the bourgeoisie (who spat back). They went skinny-dipping, drank absinthe, starved, only to overeat. Sketched models by day, caressed them by night... Traveled thirty hours by train just to watch a sunset... Now, Paul is a painter and Emile, a writer. Glory has passed Paul by. But Emile has it all: fame, money, the perfect wife, whom Paul once loved. They judge each other, admire each other, confront each other. They lose touch, meet up again, like a couple who cannot stop loving each other.

War of the Buttons

Long métrage / Christophe Barratier / La Petite Reine / 2011

with Laetitia Casta, Guillaume Canet, Kad Mérad, Gérard Jugnot, Jean Texier

In occupied France, Lebrac leads a play war between two rival kid gangs, but his feelings for Violette, a Jewish girl in danger of being discovered by the Nazis, encourage Lebrac to face the reality of what's happening around him.

The Princesse of Montpensier

Long Métrage / Bertrand Tavernier / Paradis Films / 2009

With Mélanie Thierry, Gaspard Ulliel, Lambert Wilson, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet

Synopsis France, 1562. The wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants rage against a backdrop of intrigue and shifting alliances. Marie de Mézières, a beautiful young aristocrat, and Henri de Guise, one of the kingdom's most intrepid heroes, are in love, but Marie's father promises her hand in marriage to the Prince of Montpensier. The prince takes Marie back to his chateau, where she is tutored by Chabannes, the Protestant deserter he protects, who soon falls in love with the young woman. Then, on their way back from battle, Henri de Guise and the Duke d'Anjou, the heir to the throne, stop at the chateau. Henri and Marie realize their feelings for each other are as strong as ever...


Long Métrage Documentaire / Ruxandra Medrea et Serge Bromberg / Lobster Films / 2008

With Romy Schneider, Serge Reggiani, Bérénice Bejo, Jacques Gamblin.

In 1964, Henri-Georges Clouzot chose Romy Schneider, age 26, and Serge Reggiani, 42, to be the stars of L’ENFER. It was an enigmatic and original project with an unlimited budget that was to be a cinematic “event” upon its release. But after three weeks of shooting, things took a turn for the worse. The project was stopped, and the images, which were said to be “incredible”, would remain unseen...

Transporter 3

Long Métrage / Olivier Megaton / Europa Corp / 2008

With Jason Statham, François Berléand, Natalya Rudakova, Robert Knepper, etc.

Jason Statham is back in the third outing of 'The Transporter'. This time he's hired by a criminal mastermind to go on a mission to deliver a 'package'. With Frank Martin now electronically rigged, he must complete his mssion or die!

Coco Chanel

Fiction TV / Christian Duguay / Pampa Production et Lux Vide / 2008


The life story of legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel.

Bon voyage

Long métrage / Jean-Paul Rappeneau / ARP Sélection / 2002

With Isabelle Adjani, Virginie Ledoyen, Yvan Attal, Gregori Derangère...

At the start of World War II, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance at the posh Hotel Splendide in Bordeaux. Cabinet members, journalists, physicists, and spies of all persuasions gather in order to escape the Nazi occupation of Paris. High society socialites hobnob with jailbirds. Murderous intrigues, scientific secrets and love affairs flourish.

To be and to have

Long Métrage Documentaire / Nicolas Philibert / Maïa Films / 2001

There are still, almost everywhere in France, single-classroom schools that bring together, under the same schoolteacher, all the children from the same village, from nursery age to their last year of primary education. Whether their individual members are withdrawn or outgoing, these assorted little groups share everyday life, for the best and for the worst. It was in one of these schools, somewhere in the heart of the Auvergne, that my film was shot.

Harry, He's Here to Help

Long métrage / Dominik Moll / Diaphana Films / 1999

With Sergi Lopez, Laurent Lucas, Mathilde Seigner

On a hot day in a highway gas station men's room, a man Michel doesn't recognize says they went to school together. He's Harry. He suggests they have a drink, so he and his girlfriend follow Michel and his family to their summer place. Michel is amazed when Harry quotes from memory a poem Michel wrote in school. Harry thinks Michel is a great writer, and he's distressed that Michel hasn't written in years. Harry stays awhile (since his father's death, he's a man of leisure) and sets out to eliminate distractions that might keep Michel from writing. First he buys Michel a car (with air conditioning) and then suspicious things happen. Michel picks up a pen, Harry is gratified, but he's not finished being Michel's self-appointed patron.

Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse

Long métrage / Olivier Dahan / Légende Entreprises / 2003

With Jean Reno, Benoît Magimel, Camille Natta

Chief Niemans is investigating a series of ritual murders: The victims are crucified. He teams up with young officer Reda, who gets embroiled after a man dressed as a monk tries to kill a confused guy Reda picked up on the street. Together with a specialist on christian mythology they uncover a mysterious group called "Angels of the Apokalypse".

The Chorus

Long métrage / Christophe Barratier / Galatée Films / 2004

With Gérard Jugnot, François Berléand, Jacques Perrin, Jean-Baptiste Maunier...

Set in 1948, a professor of music, Clement Mathieu, becomes the supervisor at a boarding school for the rehabilitation for minors. What he discovers disconcerts him : the current situation is repressive. Through the power of song, Clement tries to transform the students.

The Singer

Long métrage / Xavier Giannoli / Rectangle Productions et Europa Corp / 2005

With Cecile de France, Gérard Depardieu, Mathieu Amalric...

Alain, this fifty-year-old singer at popular balls who also performs before factory committees and at inaugurations. He has dyed hair and is famous throughout Clermont-Ferrand. Singing was his whole life until he became acquainted with Marion, a young woman...
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